Room Restyle– shopping in your home, using furniture and decor you already own to create a newly styled room.

Room Refresh  – Using what you already own in furniture and decor, then adding in some new items to the mix for a fresh new room.

Room Reset– Complete new look for your room, from new paint and/or furniture, decor and colors.  Out with the old and in with the new!

Additional Services – I also offer my painting services for rooms, furniture, accessories, etc.  Contact me for more information.

E-design – A phone or email consult to assess your design needs.  I will then create a board for you on Pinterest with suggestions and ideas.

Staging services –A walk through and consultation document with the suggestions and ideas from the walk through.  Then you may execute the ideas and suggestions on your own or  I will carry out the suggestions and ideas in your home for you based on an hourly rate.

Please e-mail or call me to set up  your Consultation today!  I would also love to answer any further questions you may have regarding any of the services listed above!