Hi, I’m Angela, owner of Rooms in Bloom Interiors.


I started my decor and home staging business because I love creating spaces that are welcoming, a retreat from the outside world, a place all your own, designed to be both functional and beautiful for you, your family,  friends and your wallet!   When I walk into a room, I usually have a good sense of  the strengths and weaknesses of the room.  From paint colors to furniture arrangement, accessories and placement, de-cluttering and organizing or re-thinking how you best use the space in your home, I can help you with it all.  Many friends and family have asked for my help with rooms in their homes over the years and  I am always delighted to help them achieve their home’s full potential, either as a home that will appeal to buyers in the real estate market or creating a space that they enjoy living in and is also budget friendly.

If you are in the Rochester MN area and  looking for help with your home, selecting paint colors, rearranging your furniture and/or accessories in a room(s), creating a new look for a room(s) in your home, staging your home for sale or more, please contact me, I’d love to help  bring your home to life!”  

Angela Nelson